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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding Nexcare™ Products and their use.

How do I apply Nexcare™ Waterproof Bandages?

  1. Clean the wound thoroughly.
  2. Pull wrapper apart.
  3. Grasp end tab and peel bandage off wrapper
  4. Apply to wound, pressing firmly; bandage will not stick if repositioned.
  5. Remove paper frames at openings.

How can I help a bandage or wound dressing stick to my skin better?

After you have washed the wound area, pat it dry before applying the bandage or wound dressing. After it's on, avoid rubbing the bandage or dressing or exposing it more than necessary to any liquids.

How often should I change my bandage?

Change your bandage everyday, or several times if it becomes wet or dirty. If you are using Nexcare Waterproof bandages, these do not need to be changed as they seal out water, dirt and germs, if they are worn properly.

How do I remove a bandage/tape that will not release easily from my or my child's skin?

If a bandage is not easily releasing avoid pulling on bandage, instead work a little baby oil or cooking oil into the adhesive to help the bandage release from the skin. Or use ice (covered with a paper towel) for 5 minutes or less. Ice will make the adhesive brittle, which may cause it to release.

What can I use to protect my wound while taking a shower or bath?

Use Nexcare™ Waterproof Bandages. It seals out water, dirt and germs and stays on in the shower or bath.

Where can I purchase Nexcare™ Products?

Nexcare products are available at chemist and grocery shops.

Do Nexcare™ Products contain natural rubber latex?

Nexcare Waterproof and Comfort bandages are made with Latex free material.

Most of the first aid tapes and wound closures, such as Tegaderm™ Waterproof Transparent Dressings, are also made with latex free materials.

The packaging or wrapper on Nexcare™ Waterproof, Tattoo™ Waterproof Bandages and Nexcare™ Coban™ Self-Adhering Wrap contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.

What skincare routine should be followed?

In case of dry skin, cleanse your face with Nexcare™ Face Cleaning Pads meant for normal to dry skin.

In case of oily skin, cleanse your face with Nexcare™ Face Cleaning Pads meant for normal to oily skin

Face cleaning pad is not recommended for skin affected by acne

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